Organized Chaos Rebooted!


G. Love aka D.J. G. Love

G. Mutha Fuckin' Love!

A man who has much love and respect for everyone. Until the switch is flipped! As curator of Organized Chaos & Organized Chaos X2 on (Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 00:00-01:00 UTC), a well orchestrated movement. An ultra high fidelity listening experience, testing the dexterity of your auditory senses while exploiting the mind. Where you are presented the truth, and nothing more!

Blending his creative passions of Music and Technology, G. Love brings you OC-R

Organized Chaos…Rebooted! is the consolidation of multiple micro bogs. First and foremost it’s a site to collect his notes! But as he realized it is so rewarding to share and be active in the community. Hopefully his efforts save you sometime in research if are interested in these topics!

OC-R (Organized Chaos Rebooted)…is an extension of his Mastodon activies, as it’s a collection of tips, tricks and information he has come across, researched, and have used personally through his journey of the technology world.

But as with everything good, there is also the bad. In Organized Chaos style, G. Love hopes we will stand together and stand hard for The right to privacy and the right of a secure computing culture going full tilt let them hear you as we chant #fuckgoogle & #fuckfacebook through out the fediverse and to anyone who will listen! Through advocacy and information sharing we can change the world. Hopefully by sharing these writings G. Love help’s further your journey of being a fellow privacy advocate and an infosec & nixnerd!

– Peace!

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